Hey everyone,
Today I bring to you a review of a new book, For United Inkdom  http://unitedinkdom.uk/ how exciting.

I received a parcel, (now you know I love getting parcels ha ha), from “The Book Service LTD” to review a Calligraphy book, “Nib & Ink” The New Art of Modern Calligraphy written by Chiara Perano. Here is the ISBN 978-0-75355-728-0. Just in case you want to purchase your own copy.

Okay, let’s get started, the front cover is beautiful, not overly busy or fussy, straight to the point, and classy in design, really well thought out, so you can see what the book will entail. I really like it.


This book covers so many aspects of modern calligraphy, and also I think would be beneficial for anyone wanting to improve their handwriting, or who wants to learn cursive.
From a newbie point of view, many books are available on the market, that can leave you with more questions than answers, (well that’s my opinion only, of course).

But the book tells you about various nibs for pointed pen calligraphy, and also offers many tips on nib placement, and suggestions of what might work for you.


The book also offers a website link, for downloading practice sheets, and more suggestions of different types of paper too. Something that I had to find out for myself,when I started, it was just trial and error, and many, many mistakes, eeeekkkkk.

This book really does cover so much, it’s amazing how much the author packs into it.
Things like holding your pen, how much ink do you put onto the nib, calligraphy drills, the list goes on.


What I really like about the book, is the practice sheets, in a lighter shade, Chiara writes the letter, so it’s visible while you are practicing, and each page has a new letter.

What’s also lovely is each letter you can choose a style, so a few samples of the letter “A” and so on, in the picture below you see a page showing various ‘S’s, along with a full alphabet, there is also numbers and symbols too.


Going through the book, there are different greetings and quotes for you to use, perfect for cards for any occasion.


There really is so much packed into this little gem of a book, you can make gift tags, place settings, and in the tail end of the book there are projects to do, I can’t begin to tell you the fun things I plan on making, with inspiration from this book, it’s really super, and I think with the season of good will approaching, it would make a seriously great stocking filler for anyone of any age.


I really tried to be objective with this book, but it’s just not happening, I think it’s awesome,it’s an informative book, with lots of helpful tips, and packed full of inspiration.


Such a fabulous and helpful book, I really did enjoy reading it, and will most definitely be trying some of the ideas.


Until next time…………..Have fun

Sarah x