Hi everyone,
I recently received some new inks to review, yeah I know, I’m very lucky to be able to review awesomeness for  http://unitedinkdom.uk/
Well today, I bring to you, Diamine Shimmer inks, a range of 10 shimmery inks, that are fountain pen safe.
I remember as a child killing a fountain pen, by adding glitter to a fountain pen, needless to say I killed it. It was never the same after that…. Anyway, I got to test 3 of the range, and had fun playing, I do love glitter.
My first was the Diamine Shimmer “Moon Dust”.15398859_10154722036783433_1114346451_o
A grey black with silver shimmer, the ink was a nice consistency, and flowed well, surprisingly no stop start with ink flow. Some inks are very dry, but this was totally fine.
I noticed that the ink looked quite dark, but seemed to lighten slightly and as it dried you could see the glitter appear.
It’s a great colour if you are slightly nervous of walking on the wild side, a classy tone, that’s not overly in your face.

I much prefer to write with a dark grey, than a black ink, so this is a nice sophisticated colour, that would look lovely for writing notes, envelopes and letters.


My second ink I reviewed “Diamine Magenta Flash” , a lovely pinky/purple, with silver shimmer.

This is such a great colour, one of my favourites, I do like pinks and purples, not your usual ink colour to write with……Well unless you are me, then totally acceptable ha ha.


Again it flowed well, and I found again the glitter appeared afterwards, but a beautiful shade, and quietly classy.


Personally with the bright ones, I’d of gone even more apparent with the glitter ha ha, but still a nice ink.


My third ink review was “Diamine Pink Glitz” this had all the same qualities as the previous two, but this has a gold shimmer.


A pretty bright pink, that would look super for birthday cards and such like, especially for any pink princesses you get to write too.

The pink, has an orange tinge, in reality, this is not the case, it is PINK I promise haha.

it also made my eyes google trying to take this photo, can you tell ???.


I must admit, the brighter colours are very strong pigments, so I didn’t leave them in my fountain pens for too long, I was aware of the glitter possibly clogging the feed, and also didn’t want my converters strained, but I’m probably being a “Diva”, so decided to be cautious. I also found that the ink didn’t work so well on certain papers, it feathered and bled through, even using a fine nib, so I went on to do my review writing on Tomoe River paper, and it worked fine.

I went on to experiment with the inks, I added some of each colour to little empty ink jars, added a little gum arabic, to thicken the ink. The gum arabic made the ink a nice consistency to use with dip pens too. So if you like fountain pens and dip pens, you could save some money, buy using the ink for both, which is a bonus.


The Diamine inks are available in 50ml bottles and are around the £9:95 price bracket, from most pen retailers, and also from Diamine themselves.

So my round up to this review is, they are pretty inks, dual purpose, for fountain pens and dip pens.

They stain a little if you leave them in your pens for extended periods, and will bleed and feather on certain papers, but I think you’ll find that issue with most inks.

All in all pretty cool inks, and was very excited to be able to have a play with them.

I will add that the glitter swatches, were on a large area, so look very glittery, obviously the inks when you write with them, don’t have as much glitter, its much more subtle, than in the photograph.
My  wish would be, more glitter, you can never have too much sparkle ha ha.

Until next time 🙂