Hi everyone…

Well my first review of 2017, and courtesy of Roy from Izods, Roy and the United kingdom team http://unitedinkdom.uk/ sent me two samples of Robert Oster Signature ink to test out and give my thoughts, good and bad……

The ink samples I received were 2 from the 9 inks in the range, that can be purchased in the UK, from Izods, http://izods.ink/ mine are Summer Storm and Emerald. Robert, the creator of these inks is from the Limestone Coast Australia, and makes the inks by hand, with his team. They did a great job on the ink and also the designing of the branding too.


Summer Storm is a delightful blue grey colour, which goes perfectly with its name.
It struck me that this would be a great alternative for formal type letters, different than your run of the mill blacks and blues, which have a place in the world, but I personally don’t write with them often.


I still write to friends via snail mail, and I have visions of the postal service employees being blinded by some of the inks I choose, I mean can you imagine the postie falling over a garden fence after making his or her eyes go squiffy trying to read an address ????.
But I think it would be a nice colour to write on envelopes and packages, and way more conservative than most of my choices.
The Robert Oster Signature inks are wet inks, so they are quite juicy, great for wet pens,that like lots of flow.


The colour variations are great too, I love how the fade with up and down strokes of the nib, it gives such an interesting effect on the paper, rather than being a solid even colour.
The inks flow well through the nib, I used a Jinhao X750 and my dip pens for this review, and it worked very well with that medium nib likewise the dip pen nibs. No dry spots, or burping of ink through the page.

Although the ink is quite wet, the unique mixture used to make the inks, worked wonderfully, and I didn’t have lots of feathering, it worked extremely well on 120g printer paper, although you might get a different result on the paper of your choice ?

The second ink I had the pleasure of reviewing was the Emerald, a beautifully rich emerald green.


The colour variations again is very pleasing, from a dark emerald to a beautiful mid green with the nib strokes.

Again the Emerald is a wet ink, so would be really wonderful in stub nibs, the wider the nib, the more obvious the ink variations would be. It’s a nice green, quite conservative like the summer storm, and a pleasant colour for every day penmanship should you so wish.


The signature inks retail at £14:95 but you do get 50ml of ink for your money, and if like me, you love dip pens too, then you can pour a little into another dinky jar and add some gum arabic to thicken for use in calligraphy, so you are halving the value of the initial price, if you want to.


I think that the Robert Oster Signature inks are lovely inks to write with, and I’m really sitting on my hands to stop myself from buying a few colours, top of my list would definitely be Summer Storm, I’m in love with that one in particular.

So until next time, take care…

Sarah x