Hello again everyone, I’m back doing a review for  United Inkdom, http://unitedinkdom.uk/ woohoo, it’s been a little while, but here I am.

This review is in conjunction with a fantastic pen shop, owned by John Hall, so I was tickled pink to be asked to review a product from somewhere I already knew about, but I promise that even though this shop is fabulous, I won’t let it cloud my judgement for reviewing this pen, if I hate it, I will just go to the shop in disguise, ha ha.

The shop is “Write Here” is Shrewsbury based, https://www.writeherekitenow.co.uk/ and here is a link to the pen…https://www.writeherekitenow.co.uk/cleo-skribent-classic-palladium-cartridge-convertor-steel-nib-fountain-pen.html .

I didn’t purchase this pen, it was sent to me to try, then return, but I was asked to write an honest and open review,  as many of you know I am a little bit of a pen and ink junky, but I will do my best to review this pen honestly.


The Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium with a steel nib takes either a convertor, which is supplied in the pen, or takes standard catridges, so you won’t have any issues finding lots of fantastic colours to use. You get a choice of 3 nib sizes, Fine, Medium and Broad, but I will be testing the medium for this review.

This pen retails at £75.00 inclusive of VAT, so not overly expensive, a great Birthday present maybe? Or your everyday writer.

The Cleo is stylish, as you can see my tester is white, which I really like, I have other white pens, it’s becoming a little bit of my thing…. But the pen is metal but covered in precious resin, Very posh, it sounds great. The cap is a screw on and the little silver accents are palladium coated.


Right, let’s get this pen out of the box.

First and foremost, I like the look of the pen, I think the silver against the white lends itself well to it being called the Classic, it is, very classy looking, in fact I prefer the Palladium to the gold, sometimes the gold is too colourful, and can then look like a plating rather than a gold, but that’s just my opinion of course.

It’s not a heavy pen, much lighter than my TWSBI 580 AL, and has a nice balance when posted, it’s comfortable to hold, which is necessary with any pen usage.

I liked the fact that the converter is screwed in rather than a push in, those can have devastating consequences if you rush and you haven’t pushed it in correctly……. Ink…… everywhere….


The nib is pretty too, the engraving is perfect, not overly fussy, but I don’t tend to concentrate on nib design when I’m writing usually, although I have googled over nibs in the past, obviously not while I’m writing with it.23548296_10155795387168433_58646473_n

For this review, I didn’t want to write with it for a few days before writing a review, because there would be an attachment and I’d not give and out of the box opinion, a little like watching a tv show, you aren’t planning on watching it, but you become invested after the first few minutes ha ha.

The nib is firm with little bounce, you wouldn’t say this is a soft nib in any way, soft nibs bounce quite a lot, this doesn’t and I find that is great for everyday writing, so what I’m trying to say, you won’t get any shading from the nib, just nice flowing ink.

I like the fact you can feel a little feedback from nib to paper, it not buttery smooth, but again, I’m not a fan of writing on a cloud, I like to feel like I’m writing, so you can feel the nib on the paper, another tick from me there.

I could tell it is a brand new nib, but after a few lines I could feel the nib wanted to be written with, and started to adapt to my writing style, the more you write, the nicer it feels, it’s not a wet nib either, it’s quite dry when writing, but that’s a plus for me, I’m not fond of wet nibs, unless it’s a very dry ink of course, then it’s more acceptable. I also noticed that for a medium nib, it was quite fine, more like say a Sailor or Pilot medium nib in width on paper, but not as medium as a Parker or TWSBI, so that is something to bear in mind, if you want to experience a Cleo Skribent for yourself.


You can probably guess from my review I like this fountain pen very much, from its classic looks to a great writing experience, it ticks all the boxes. It’s not going to break the bank, although it’s not a cheap and cheerful price, but I have pens similar price and more that I’ve used for many, many years, so it works out as pennies per usage, well that’s what I tell myself, or I just can’t resist a beautiful pen.


I guess the unanswered question is, would I buy this pen?

Yes I would, it writes well, looks great and doesn’t require a remortgage to buy it.

Many thanks to John “Write Here ” and to United Inkdom for a wonderful opportunity to review this pen, I had a blast.

Until next time.