Well I suppose I should start off by telling you a little about myself !
My name is Sarah and love stationery with a passion, in fact I think I could possibly have been born with a writing implement connected to my hand.
I would always look forward to pocket money day, so I would go to the store, and collect pen and paper goodies. Something’s never change, although I don’t get pocket money nowadays ha ha.

I bet on finding my page you may well of came to the conclusion that I’m a writer, well I am of sorts, but more of a scribbler, I don’t write book, I just like writing words.
So Tales from the nib, will be my blog on pens, paper and pencils, in fact stationary as a whole, and hope to give an honest, unbiased view of what I personally think.
Are you still with me….. I do hope so.
I’m not sponsored or endorsed by any company, but if you’d like me to write a blog post and review, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Ok let’s do this….. let the fun begin.
Kind regards